Bitten by a radioactive recruiter – #Trans #Empowered and #GettingHired

  • By Angelica Ross
  • September 23, 2018, 08:11 AM
Trans people take on educating our coworkers and we often do it at great personal and professional cost. Learn strategies to recognize and interrupt bias in the workplace, while keeping our jobs -- and how to turn that extracurricular labor into getting a better job. Expect collaboration and brainstorming, plus resume help, in an environment where allies are tasked to listen and act in solidarity. All skill sets and skill levels invited!
Module 1 Introduction
TransTech member Dixon Irene, Engagement Leader and Inclusion Team Lead at IQTalent Partners, LLC welcomes summit attendees to the workshop and introduces the workshop "Bitten by a radioactive recruiter - #Trans #Empowered and #GettingHired.
Unit 1 Bitten by a Radioactive Recruiter - Introduction
Module 2 Breaking Down Bias in Hiring & Recruiting
TransTech member Iron Dixon breaks down what most people have learned about bias and how we need to take it further and complicate the narrative.
Unit 1 Breaking Down Bias in Hiring and Recruiting
Unit 2 Harnessing the Power of Cis Allies at Work
Unit 3 Creating Small Changes with Lasting Impact
Module 3 Résumés: Sharing Our Stories
Ultimately what an interview is, is sharing your story about what you've done, and why you'd be great at their company.
Unit 1 Resumes - Sharing Our Stories
Unit 2 Resumes - Measurable Information
Module 4 Getting Hired
#GettingHired. Make valuable connections and get the attention of job recruiters.
Unit 1 Networking - Make A Connection
Unit 2 Getting Noticed by Recruiters



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By Angelica Ross

Founder/CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises


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