How to Sell Websites

  • By Angelica Ross
  • March 25, 2020, 08:13 AM
How to Sell Websites
Learn How To Charge $1,000 More For Your Projects! A simple to follow step-by-step process that will help you weed out time wasters and be more productive with your sales time Get better results, time and time again. This training is available exclusively to TransTech members. ($200 Value)
Module 1 Getting Started
The natural sales tendency and driving to the lowest price. In this module you'll also be introduced to the interaction model.
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 A Personal Story On Learning to Sell
Unit 3 Why The Interaction Model
Module 2 Introduction
The interaction model step-by-step process is explained. Explore the psychological keys behind the interaction model’s sales strategy.
Unit 1 Introduction to the Sequence
Unit 2 What is the Interaction Model?
Unit 3 Relationships = Interactions Over Time
Module 3 Cold Calling
Unlearn everything you know about this high-stress topic. In this module you'll learn how to handle that first call with a new client.
Unit 1 Unlearn What You Know About Cold Calling
Unit 2 Schedule Your Second Interaction
Unit 3 Handling different types of cold calls
Unit 4 When a Lead Contacts You by Phone or Email
Unit 5 When you are calling or emailing a lead
Module 4 Qualification
Instead of chasing every new opportunity, learn how to turn the tables and start sizing up potential clients against your ideal customer profile.
Unit 1 Scheduled interactions should...
Unit 2 Qualifying your prospect
Unit 3 Developing qualification criteria
Unit 4 Scoring your Ideal Customer
Unit 5 Sample Agenda and Meeting Flow
Module 5 Discovery Introduction
The most important aspect of selling is the discovery process.
Unit 1 Intro: The most important aspect of selling
Unit 2 Intro: Learn how to find problems
Unit 3 Intro: Outline of each major discovery step
Unit 4 Meeting 1: Prospect's business, buying process, & stated needs
Module 6 Discovery: Part 1
The objective of your first discovery meeting is to understand your prospect's business, their stated needs, and their buying process.
Unit 1 Prospect’s Business, Buying Process, & Stated Needs
Unit 2 Discovery #1 Meeting Flow and Agenda
Module 7 Discovery: Part 2
Create a flow and agenda for your next interaction where you will get to know your prospect's customer and creating a customer avatar,
Unit 1 Get to know your prospect’s customer
Unit 2 Helping your prospect create a customer avatar
Unit 3 Discovery 2 - Meeting flow and agenda
Module 8 Discovery Part 3
Getting to know your prospect's market and competition.
Unit 1 Getting to know your prospect’s market & competition
Unit 2 Discovery 3 - Meeting Flow and Agenda
Module 9 Discovery - Part 4
Discover available strategies and tactics.
There are no units in this module.
Module 10 Further Discovery
Further Discovery
There are no units in this module.

By Angelica Ross

Founder/CEO of TransTech Social Enterprises


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