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Naomi Elaine Busler


She, Her, Hers

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~Strong analytical, creative and technical skills that are well suited for continued direction into the IT field.
~A passion to heal and help others: which has led so far to a successful career in healthcare
~Possession of a very high intelligence coupled with empathetic people skills mixed with an ability to comfortably work with a diverse range of individuals
~Self-confidence in myself and my team
~A high standard of ethical integrity personified through my professional license
~A strong educational and career experience in social work (masters level)
~Very strong presentation skills accentuated by very high informational verbal ability, decades of acting experience and a noted calmness/comfort around audience members.
~First-hand knowledge of the transgender community through my own transition and years of work experience in the HIV field
~Patience with People, and with Technology
~Remaining calm under pressure: in a storm, I am steering the ship


Data Entry, Sales & Marketing, Writing & Editing, Video Production, Trainer / Facilitator



~Served as an administrator for a number of cloud based EHRs and reporting systems in the healthcare field including Evaluation Web, Practice Fusion, CAREWare/HRSA Reporting, Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Delve, Teams etc.), G-Suite, ShareNotes, ICANotes, Apricot, Community Pathways, Windows, Smart Phones
~Agency social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube)
~5 years experience in general office IT (phone lines, wireless internet, desktop computers, VPNs etc.)
~Have provided over 5 years of thorough data entry and reporting on HIV epidemiological prevention data and support services to agency staff and project officers
~spearheaded quality management initiatives through data management at all agencies/places of employment
~Wrote accepted applications and kept funding for a number HIV, mental health and substance abuse initiatives at my current agency (Fulton County Board of Health, Dekalb County Board of Health, SAMHSA, Ryan White, Kaiser-Permanente, and the Community Foundation)
~Have managed agency site visits from various funding boards and project officers including the CDC, Fulton County Board of Health, Ryan White Atlanta EMA, the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta, and Kaiser-Permanente
~Background in HIV also includes case management experience at Positive Impact Health Centers and Lost-n-Found Youth
~Conference presentation experience (Presented twice at National Transgender Health Summit in Oakland, California on CDC HIV Prevention and Transgender Spirituality; Presented at United States Conference on AIDS in Orlando, Florida on LGBT Family Resiliency; Presented twice at Someone Cares National Transgender Health Conference on Transgender Holistic Health and Advanced Transgender Cultural Competency)
~Conference management experience at Someone Cares National Transgender Health conference
~Presented Transgender Cultural Competency Training Presentations (Grady Infectious Disease Prevention Branch, Dekalb County Board of Health, World Harvest Church, Georgia Department of Labor, Ryan White Part A Annual Providers Meeting)
~Presented information about company/agency (CDC Annual Reporting Meeting, Fulton County Board of Health, Someone Cares Inc. of Atlanta Staff)

Other Work Experiences and Assigned Job Duties:
• Manage Office Space/Office Staff: Ensure Early Detection Intervention Clinic is properly maintained with trained and appropriate staff as well as work with medical providers and clinic staff to ensure client satisfaction in STD testing, STD Treatment, PrEP prescribing and HIV primary Care (including After-hours and Saturday Clinics).
• Homeless Youth Drop-In Center: Operated and manage homeless drop-in center for youth ages 13-29 in the Atlanta area, managed social services for clients in the center, conducted assessments and case notes on staff, documented all encounters in Apricot (online documentation system)
• Homeless Youth Residence Program: Maintained house of 7-9 youth who were transitioning out of homelessness, stayed overnight to ensure youth safety worked on multiple client cases throughout week and coordinated with drop-in center to ensure client care
• Independently facilitate the accomplishments of one-on-one, intensive HIV case management clients: this involved providing linkage to key resources to support their recovery, as well as providing rehabilitative skill building directly to them in session, including inputting and maintaining data for clients in the EHR system
• Conduct phone screenings with clients in deep psychological emergency, as well as registered clients in dire need of HIV behavioral health services, by facilitating the completion of important mental health confidentiality forms and screenings. This also involved ensuring clients had necessary documentation needed to enroll in services.
• Multi-task in other areas at the agency, some of which included: creating an “HIV in Atlanta” resource guide to be utilized by other interns, coordinating client, office and professional schedules to ensure meetings between clients and health-care navigators (assisters), completing a PowerPoint presentation for a client award celebration, crafting a process graph showing merged company services across both Positive Impact-Midtown and AID Gwinnett, auditing documents for the agency’s Housing Opportunities for People Living With AIDS (HOPWA) Program, and completing a large number of other independent research tasks.
• Organize data on elementary school kids’ reading skills by administering various verbal tests.
• Manage elementary students in classroom setting to ensure thorough data collection
• Collaborate with teachers in ensure follow through on procedures with the lab and with their students
• Thoroughly process statistical data to ensure the proper computational relay of quantitative information
• Code multiple videos for para-linguistic verbal cues with other research assistants using a communications computer program
• Record data on emotional voice cues by facilitating participants through a research protocol designed to collect data on emotional responses