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    Mondays and Fridays 1p-2p as long as I’m leading! 😉

    I hate monotony so my schedule will change it up every week.

    Tentative schedule starts with this Friday’s 1pm Web Development class which will focus on HTML & CSS web site development and be known as “Web I”.
    Next Friday would be the alt class known as “Web II” and will focus on starting a WordPress based website/blog from scratch. If you already have one, come with an idea for a totally new one! We build from scratch!
    Web I continues the next Friday after that. So, classes alternate to every other week.

    On Monday begins “SMM I” where you will learn how to promote yourself/your blog/your website/your brand through social media.
    The following Monday will be “SMM II” where we dive into SEO (search engine optimization) best practices to get your blog/site noticed.

    Classes alternate every other week, So it’s 1, 2, 1, 2 on the two different tracks. Fridays are web development and Mondays are promotion!

    Sound good? Open to suggestions AND volunteers who can commit to teach!

    Please tell your friends and colleagues, classmates and everyone you know who wants to geek out and build a website or a blog. Think of it – this could be the start of your own business, portfolio or personal brand!