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    If you’ve been playing PokémonGo, we’re a Poké Stop!

    Or rather, the Bridgeview Bank building that our office is in is the Poké Stop. And the GPS around here is wonky, so sitting in the office, we are often out of range and placed closer to to the gym which is one of the restaurants across the street. At least this is the experience on my phone, which is a Samsung Avant. You would have to be on Broadway by the main entrance to access the Poké Stop, usually. But, from the office, it will occasionally locate you there.

    I’ve honestly never been into video games before as I didn’t grow up with them. And as an adult, when friends have tried to show me various games they play, I’ve been so horrible at them that I really just disliked video games. But a friend got me started on this, this past Sunday, and if it’s easy enough for me to follow (no prior gaming experience here), anyone can do it.

    There are 3 Poké Stops at the Lawrence Red Line stop, too.

    Just another reason to drop buy our offices on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 10am and 4pm.