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    Hey Seattle peeps!

    This is wild but the nonprofit organization I was a part of building from the ground up in 1995/96 is hiring for a new executive director!

    This is strange to post this, but we began this organization as a handful of kids attending the alternative school The Orion Center that year, and my friend Elaine had been hired as a new teacher there. She came to us with the idea of getting city, state and national grants and asked us what we would do with the money if we could get the grants. Of course teenagers want to put on a rock concert. So we did just that – we had a concert, and that’s what led to the founding of PSKS.

    A few years ago, Elaine lost PSKS through what I call a Corporate Takeover. PSKS became a United Way organization shortly after I had left Seattle the last time and was allowed to stay back home in West Virginia. Elaine was the Executive Director for 18 years, and then the board (appointed by the rich) booted out all the original members, including Elaine. And now, they’re hiring a 2nd replacement. Anyone who gets the job would only be the 3rd person to lead PSKS.

    But, as times are changing, I’d love to see some trans folks apply – and at the very least, for someone in the LGBTQIA+ community get the role to support the LGBTQIA+ identified youth out there that may find themselves coming to PSKS for services. So if you can share this job with anyone – please do!

    Check out the listing here:

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