The TransTech Summit will focus on helping students and professionals of all ages to Find Your Super Power!  The 2nd annual TransTech Summit will take place on October 20th with workshops in Web/App Technology, Media Technology, Design Technology, and Business Technology! Lunch is included with a Keynote from TransTech Founder and star of the FX hit TV Series POSE.  Trans identified professionals, speakers, and trainers from across the country are coming to collectively create solutions with and for our own trans and gender nonconforming community! The TransTech Summit is also open to ALL BODIES. Whether you identify as trans or not you are welcome in our here with the understanding that we center our focus on the most marginalized members of our community.

So are you ready to FIND YOUR SUPER POWER?  Learn new skills, interact with new media technology, network with other LGBTQIA people who have accomplished similar goals or be inspired to start their own business! EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 6/30 – 8/15.

The ALL DAY TransTech Summit will be held at the Groupon Headquarters in Chicago, IL at 600 W. Chicago Avenue.



Media Technology

This track will provide training with On-Camera speaking practice, video production training, copywriting, photography and more!  Plus GET A FREE Professional Speaker Headshot!

10-11am | How to Increase Your Influence with Social Media

Ways to grow following on social media to help grow your business.

Presented by Dezjorn Gauthier

3:45pm-5:15pm | Impactful Public Speaking

This workshop is designed to help you improve your public speaking impact.

Presented by Gearah Goldstein

Design Technology

This track will provide training in Design including but not limited to learning to design how to design your own brand identity package including logos, Business Cards & More!

3:45-5:15pm | Creative Thinking & Brand Identity

This interactive workshop will help attendees push their creative boundaries. It will reinforce the fact that every mind is different and that creativity is objective. Attendees will receive FREE creative exercises to utilize when starting a new project or facing a road block. Attendees will also learn how to create a logo using and will leave with a free 200 x 200 png file as well as business card design. This workshop will enhance their creative thinking skills and brand identity knowledge.  

Presented by Cameron Pizarro

ALL DAY | Self-Care & Art

Need some time away for self-care.  The atrium space will be supplied with art supplies quiet space and art supplies.   

Facilitated by Seth Pickney

Web/App Technology

This track will provide training in web and app development.  Workshop from Building Your Own WordPress Website, Building Your Own App, as well as other advanced web programming techniques!

10-11:30am | How to Build a Website for Fun or for Profit

But really, what kind of website do you need? This workshop will provide a high level overview of the options available in modern web development, giving you insights on where to start. This talk aims to be accessible to all, but still hold detail for the developers.

Presented by Danielle MacDonald

2-3:30am | Intro to GraphQL Lattice

In this workshop you will learn how to build a GraphQL server in NodeJS using GraphQL Lattice and Express. We will cover how to wrap an existing REST service with GraphQL so that your clients can pick and choose the data they want while you figure out the best way to build things going forward on the backend. All of these tools and frameworks are open source and free for the public to use.

Workshop Requirements: Familiarity with git, NodeJS/JavaScript, REST calls and general server-side web development. A computer capable of running and working with these things will be required if you wish to code alongside in the workshop.”

Presented by Brielle Harrison

Business Technology

This track will provide training at the intersection of business and technology.  Learn how technology compliments the entrepreneur from task management to billing and accounting.  Learn how to use free and low-cost tech tools for your business.

2:00-3:30pm | Hacking the CIS-tem: How do we safely improve gender inclusivity in companies and public spaces?

This workshop will help participants address the fears and anxiety faced by trans and gender nonconformist in the workspace by coming up with solutions in a collaborative way, and how we can make the workplace more gender inclusive.  

Presented by Hope Giselle & Max Masure



Angelica Ross


Hope Giselle

Hope Giselle

The AllowMe Movement


Madison Hinton

Keynote Speaker

Max Masure


Gearah Goldstein

Brielle Harrison



Cameron Pizarro


Danielle MacDonald


Dezjorn Gauthier, J.M.

Dezjorn International LLC


Gloria Allen

Trans Advocate / Pioneer

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