The TransTech Summit will focus on helping students and professionals of all ages to Find Your Super Power!  The 2nd annual TransTech Summit will take place on October 20th with workshops in Web/App Technology, Media Technology, Design Technology, and Business Technology! Lunch is included with a Keynote from TransTech Founder and star of the FX hit TV Series POSE.  Trans identified professionals, speakers, and trainers from across the country are coming to collectively create solutions with and for our own trans and gender nonconforming community! The TransTech Summit is also open to ALL BODIES. Whether you identify as trans or not you are welcome in our here with the understanding that we center our focus on the most marginalized members of our community.

So are you ready to FIND YOUR SUPER POWER?  Learn new skills, interact with new media technology, network with other LGBTQIA people who have accomplished similar goals or be inspired to start their own business! EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 6/30 – 8/31.

The ALL DAY TransTech Summit will be held at the Groupon Headquarters in Chicago, IL at 600 W. Chicago Avenue.





Media Technology

This track will provide training with On-Camera speaking practice, video production training, copywriting, photography and more!  Plus GET A FREE Professional Speaker Headshot!

Owning Our Stories:  A Screening & Conversation with Original Content Creators Chase Joint and Angelica Ross, Moderated by Lovemore.

Join a powerful discussion about creating and owning our own stories and content as trans content creators.  Get a special sneak peak at the film, Framing Agnes by Chase Joint that features preeminent trans culture-makers breathing new life into those who redefined gender in the midcentury.

Starring Zackary Drucker (She Gone Rogue, Transparent), Angelica Ross (Pose, HerStory), Silas Howard (By Hook or By Crook, A Kid Like Jake), and Max Wolf Valerio (Max, The Testosterone Files).

Increasing Your Influence with Social Media – Dezjorn Gauthier, J.M.

Are you a entrepreneur struggling with growing your brand? This workshop will help attendees learn how to build their social media platforms whether it be for business or personal. During this workshop participants will learn the basics to grow their instagram, Facebook account, essentially taking their business to another level. This workshop will help participants gain an introductory level of understanding how social media works, and why social media is useful as a black trans entrepreneur.

Web/App Technology

This track will provide training in web and app development.  Workshop from Building Your Own WordPress Website, Building Your Own App, as well as other advanced web programming techniques!

Building a game in Javascript – Danielle MacDonald

This will be an intermediate workshop on how to design games on any platform using web technologies. I’ll touch on frameworks like Unity, but we’ll focus on developing a 2D tile engine from scratch in Javascript as a way to demonstrate some simple patterns for implementing game design.

How to create a plan for building a web or mobile product – Aaron Enequist-Leiker, Director of Product Management & Design at Reverb

Do you have an idea for a web or mobile product, but you aren’t sure where to begin? To make your idea a reality, it is critical that you are able to explain your vision for the product, how people will use it, and your plan for building it.   User story mapping is a powerful tool, created by Jeff Patton, for defining the user experience of your product while also helping you prioritize the right features to build first.

The Braintree Drop-in UI: Start taking payments in under an hour – Sam Tucker and Jacque Desmarais

Do you want to accept payments on your website? If you’re looking to start selling online, or you’re a web developer who wants to add ecommerce to your skill set, you can use Braintree’s Drop-in UI to get up and running quickly. In this workshop, participants will sign up for a test account, learn to navigate Braintree’s documentation, and use HTML and Python to build a basic integration to accept credit cards. All skill levels welcome!

Smart Payment Buttons, the smart way to checkout – Alfredo Barco Flores from PayPal

Adding checkout capabilities to your site is quick and easy on the web! We offer a variety of ways to customize payment buttons on your checkout page. In this workshop, participants will enable/create their business accounts, learn to integrate with Paypal and understand the checkout experience and customize their buttons (color, size, labels, etc..)  to suit their site’s needs. We’ll be using mostly HTML and Javascript to build their integrations. Open to all skill levels.

Business Technology

This track will provide training at the intersection of business and technology.  Learn how technology compliments the entrepreneur from task management to billing and accounting.  Learn how to use free and low-cost tech tools for your business.

Upwork: The Essentials – Upwork, LinkedIn & Entrepreneurship Angelica Ross & Calli Reynolds

Stop in for a tutorial of the freelancing software, Upwork and ways to leverage LinkedIn as a part of your entrepreneurial model. TransTech members are encouraged to create Upwork accounts to enhance their freelance experience. In tandem with the resources on the TransTech website, this workshop will explore ways to bolster confidence in your skills and let your work speak for itself. 

Impactful Public Speaking – Gearah Goldstein

This workshop will explore best practices for connecting to and engaging any audience regardless of topic. Confidence, vocalization, persona, and presentation tools will all be discussed. Additionally, the session will highlight some basic strategies for building a public speaking resume and finding opportunities to share your voice.

Bitten by a radioactive recruiter – #Trans #Empowered and #GettingHired – Dixon Irene

Trans people take on educating our coworkers and we often do it at great personal and professional cost. Learn strategies to recognize and interrupt bias in the workplace, while keeping our jobs — and how to turn that extracurricular labor into getting a better job. Expect collaboration and brainstorming, plus resume help, in an environment where allies are tasked to listen and act in solidarity. All skill sets and skill levels invited!

How to Become A Volunteer:

The inaugural TransTech Summit is looking for volunteers to serve on the Host Committee as well as other committees that will be crucial to the success of the summit. We are looking for people to help us design our summit training and marketing materials, as well as volunteers who will help us create an agenda for all ages and all experience levels!  Please join the TransTech Summit Volunteer Team Today!

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