Let's Talk About Safety

Watch the 1st video in the empowerment project, “Let’s Talk About The T!” with Angelica Ross, founder of TransTech Social Enterprises.  In this video a group of trans people come together to talk across differences about the experiences of safety or the lack there of for trans people in the United States.

An Empowerment Project

TransTech Social Enterprises and the Human Rights Campaign present “Let’s Talk About The T!” A conversation series created by trans people both behind and in front of the camera.  HRC sponsored TransTech Members to create this paid hands on learning opportunity in production and public advocacy.

Many conversations in the media about trans issues may include trans voices, but most time those voices are not in the room where important decisions are being made about how trans narratives will be edited and framed.

Part of TransTech’s mission is to empower those in marginalized communities, especially trans people of color.  “Let’s Talk About The T!” is a collaboration across differences.  Trans people were in the lead for every step of this project with some amazing cisgender crew members who took on more supportive roles.