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At TransTech, we learn and work together to develop skills and value within marginalized LGBTQ communities. Our goal is provide programming, resources & tools to our members to develop skills in various TECHniques & TECHnology to help them to become leaders in whatever career path they aspire to take.

In addition, members have open access to the TransTech office space during regular business hours, may attend all TransTech workshops and events, have access to our jobs board, and more.

For more information on membership, and to apply, visit our membership page.

To learn how to get oriented, visit our Calendar for the next orientation date or email to request an one-on-one orientation.

Core Curriculum

Members can join us every Monday and Friday (11am – 12pm & 2:30pm – 3:30pm) for our Core Curriculum workshops that are hand picked and customized by our Program Coordinators. The Core Curriculum Workshops introduce participants to foundational skills needed in the workplace or for self-promotion. These workshops are designed to have participants begin or continue to produce a new skill set, but also provide them with the tools to take home to continue learning. The hope that in attending these we believe all of our members should have.

Group-based Lynda Trainings

TransTech we offer group trainings based off of courses where you have the opportunity to gain more information about a variety of basic soft & hard skills in a classroom-like setting. We break down Lynda’s 2 or more long courses into lighter 1-hour segments that are easier to quickly benefit from. Library Cards

TransTech members have the option to check out a library pass, good for 7 days, to independently study on their own. Having a library pass gives you your own log-in to to view all of their materials from anywhere and everywhere you access the Internet. Visit our Library page to request a library pass today*.


*Because space is limited, you may not get to use your pass right away if you do not register and log in before the next person requests a pass.

Tech Workshops

Here is where we put the “Tech” in TransTech with our Tech Wednesday Workshops and Series. This section of our programming is specifically for members interested in gaining a new skill in TECHnology or learn some new TECHniques. Our Tech Workshops provide our members with the opportunity to gain boundless information on any topic they wish to learn. These workshops are facilitated by special guests or by our professionally skilled members.

In some cases we will have featured guest for a specific length of time or a month dedicated to a specific topic  ( usually dependent on the ambition of the facilitator) – in which case we these will be highly advertised to our members and may be even be co-sponsored with other Trans* supportive organizations. As a member you can receive advance notice of these events through the  TransTech newsletter.

To learn more on how you can volunteer to teach your own workshop,  please email or call us at 312-600-3939.

Study Hall

Attended one of our Core Curriculum trainings or Tech Workshops and still have some lingering questions?

Wednesday Study Halls Sessions give our members the opportunity to meet up with a study buddy (another participant of a workshop) and work together, compare notes, or work on a test project together. These sessions are also an opportunity for members to meet with a Program Coordinator to review anything that may have been missed, to work freely and independently on their own projects, watch the videos, or study anything from the books we have available.

Community Building Events

At TransTech we work hard and play hard!

Our TransTech Community Building Events are aim to include opportunities for our community to come together and put their new found skills to the test or simply have fun. These events can include (but not limited to ) community networking events through our partners or various sponsors, movie screenings, karoke, gaming night, Hack-a-thons, book club meetings and more! 

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the next round, as we are currently developing and fleshing out the details of more programs yet to come in 2016! As we are putting our direction in the hands our members, we are asking you to take the lead on your path to empowerment!

The following are programs and opportunities that we are looking to offer in the near future:
Peer Coach Training, GROW @ TransTech, Job Readiness & Assessment Coaching

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